C Language Computer Course Moradabad

In PKS Computer Center the C Language Course mainly covers C Programming language essentials such as programming techniques, Syntax, decision making statements, Loops & iterations, functions, methods, plugins, macros & 2D, 3d array.

C is one of the best & important Language to learn for logic building. It mainly covers development in programs like desktop applications, compilers, tools and utilities, and even hardware devices. There are multiple benefits by learning C Language programming now a days; however, the most important benefit is that the C programming language is recognized by every multi national company as a standard language to code and used in a multitude of applications including advanced scientific systems and operating systems.

Course Syllabus

  • History of C Language
  • Algorithm & Flowcharts
  • Keywords: Data-types, Variables
  • Keywords: Constants, Expression
  • Programming Structures (Loop Concepts)
  • Array (1D & 2D)
  • Functions (Declaration & Prototype)
  • Functions (Passing & Returning Values)
  • Functions (C return statement)
  • Functions (Passing array elements to function)
  • Functions (Passing array to function)
  • Recursive functions
  • String Handling (Different string function)
  • Pointers (Concept, Pointers & Arrays)
  • Pointers (Character array)
  • Structures (Declaring structure elements)
  • Structures (Accessing structure elements)
  • Structures (Arrays of Structures)
  • Structures (Pointer & Structures)
  • Unions
  • File Handling (File Operation)
  • File Handling (Different modes of files)
  • Files (Misc. I/O function, modes of files)
  • Files (Command line, Arguments)

Pre-requisites for C Training Courses

  • Computer Basic Fundamentals
  • Knowledge of programming techniques would be an advantage

PKS Computer center was established in 2017 by taking an aim for providing computer education at very high scale. We are continuously doing efforts in making computer education available to all level of students whether it is rural or urban areas.