Computer Courses in Moradabad

In our center we are offering a variety of courses ex. designing, accounting, programming, web designing etc.


DCA(Diploma in Computer Applications) is a basic computer course for learning basic computer skills and it includes MS-Office with MS-Word, MS-Excel, MS-Powerpoint etc.


Desktop Publishing computer course is an 6 months graphic designing course for learning basic graphic designing by learning corel draw, photoshop, page maker etc.


Diploma in Computer Financial Accouting is best course for an basic tally learner. This course helps to learn basic to advance tally erp software with gst enabled features.


Advanced Diploma in Computer Application is an 12 months track to learn computer softwares like MS-Office, Tally, Photoshop, Coreldraw, HTML etc. from basic to advanced knowledge.


Our Python Course includes intro to Python, Decision Making, Loops, Functions, Variables, Exception Handling, Modules and Packages, Files, Regular Expr., Socket programming & Many more.

Web Designing

Web Designing Course involves Html, Css, Javascript, Json, Bootstrap, Angular JS, Photoshop, etc.


Tally Computer Course is an crash course for learning tally from basic to advance level.


MS-Office is the best tools to learn for managing different document, data entry based jobs in your computer working life. This course is the basic need in today's job life.


Coreldraw is an graphic designing tool to create and manage different kinds of graphic, designs, logo, banners, brochures etc.


Photoshop is also an extreme graphic editing software to learn for enhancing your graphic designing skills.

C Language

C Language programming Crash Course involves classes, methods, decision making, loops, functions etc.


C++ programming language is best to learn for enhancing your working with object oriented working paradigm.


CCC is an govt. affiliated course helps to get govt. jobs. It is a very demanding course in govt. This course covers basic fundamentals and MS-Office etc.


O-Level course covers mainly 4 IT concepts which are IT Tools & Business System, Web Designing, Python Programming and IOT.


INTERNET MARKETING Crash course helps to learn different online internet marketing skills which are helpful to become an digital marketing analyst.

JAVA Programming

JAVA programming course is very powerful course as java is a powerful programming langugage to learn for understanding logics.


PHP is a basic and easy programming language to learn for starting in the feild of software engineering.

PKS Computer center was established in 2017 by taking an aim for providing computer education at very high scale. We are continuously doing efforts in making computer education available to all level of students whether it is rural or urban areas.