Microsoft Office is a set of productivity programs usually sold together as a single package popularly known as Ms-Office. The main component of ms-office are ms-word, ms-excel, ms-powerpoint, ms-access etc. These Softwares are enough powerful to get any one a nice job in private as well as govt. sector. These software performs a huge responsibility to get you a professional document, all your data entry tasks fulfilled, get your presentations ready etc. You can either purchase a copy of Office for use on a computer or sign up for the cloud-based Office 365 subscription service, which includes access to regularly updated desktop and browser-accessible versions of the software suite.


  • Intro of MS-Word, Menus, Advanced Formatting, Editing Document, Table in Document, Insert the Object, Mail Merge, Saving Document, Printing Document, Shortcuts Keys, Exercise.
  • Introduction to MS-Excel, Menus, Operator & Functions, Cell Formatting, Working with formulas and cell referencing, Auto sum, Formatting to worksheet, Graphic Objects, Chart, Database, Sorting, Filtering, Scenario Manager, List Box, Goal Seek, Validation, Macro, Printing Worksheet, Shortcut Keys, Exercise.
  • Introduction to MS- PowerPoint, Menus, Formatting, Drawing, Editing slides, Changing templates, Slide Layouts, Inserting Clipart, Sound and Movies into Slides, Add, Rearrange and Delete Slides, Printing in Microsoft Power Point, Understanding Animation and Action Buttons, Exercise

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